Living well is an art to be savored. A home is not simply a roof over our heads. It is an expression of who we are, what we love and what we value. Living well means living in a home that reflects our passions, in a home where every detail allows you to savor life.

The architects addressed durability, privacy and diversity in materials to create a building enveloped by new ‘Residential Rhythm’ using precisely balanced proportions, bespoke details and sustainable material composition in the building design. It was important that the signature design aesthetics of the new residences reflected the key values of Ellington Properties’ commitment to timeless design and quality. In order to achieve that, as one the best real estate developers in Dubai, we partnered with one of the most renowned architect firms in the region, Anarchitect, to oversee the architectural vision and design language of the residential development working in collaboration with the Lead Consultants on the project, AWAJ.