Property Registration

Property Transfer of Ownership

The process of Property Transfer of Ownership varies depending on the transfer beneficiary, wether it is an individual, a first degree relative, or a company.  We at Property Avenue can assist you indentifying what type of transaction is to be conducted, along with the required documentation, cost, and relevant timeline for conclusion. Our professional service is based on years of expertise, and service will ensure the transaction is handled correctly, ensuring you process is hassle free.


Power Of Attorney

This service is required for our clients who do not reside in the UAE, or even for clients who reside in the UAE and do not have the time to personally handle the formalities of property ownership transfers. As your POA (Power Of Attorney) representative, we will be able to process and conclude the process of your sale or purchase on your behalf. By choosing our service, you will save time, hassle and cost of travel tickets, accommodation along with other unnecessary fees that come along your journey.

Property Gifting (Ownerhip Transfer to First Degree Relatives)

This transaction is called “Hiba” in Arabic, which translates into a grant or giveaway. This can only be processed between first degree relatives, and is bound by different regulations than a sale or purchase transaction. First degree relatives are considered to be, Father, Mother, Wife, Husband or Children.

Title Deed Registrations

A Title Deed is your proof of ownership of your property. It is a required document when you wish to sell or lease your property, along with many other transactions that you might wish to do in the UAE. Our service is to process your title deed issuance once you have settled your property purchase payments, along with obtaining all the required certificates and documentation to do so.

Lost Title Deed Application

The Title Deed is a very important document which provides proof of ownership. We advise that this document is to be safe kept at all times, however we do know that it could be lost or damaged by accident. We at Property Avenue Dubai, can assist you to obtain a replacement from the relevant authority, including the preparation of required documents, and until the issuance of the new Title Deed.

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